Store Review – Buteo Bunker

This morning I am having internet problems and am sitting at a Starbucks cafe to post.  Internet problems are never fun and for someone who is somewhat technically challenged it’s an even bigger problem.  I am supposed to be at home, sil_fullxfull.664045448_feabcreen sharing with my son in Los Angeles who is going to help me with Google analytics and working on increasing traffic to my blog and getting my blog out in ‘internet land’.  Instead here I am, on a public network, feeling very naked and exposed.

So this internet problem and my technical challenges brought me to decide to spotlight a shop on Etsy that I love…Buteo Bunker.  Buteo Bunker sells covers, printables and inserts.  I have bought printable graph, line and dot inserts.  Now I am technically challenged but pretty good at printing and for the life of me, I could not print the file double sided.  I was frustrated. I messaged the shop and got a reply and resolution instantly.  He went above and beyond to help me resolve my issue. I’ve since given his exact printing advice to others having the same issue with other printables from other shops. The shop also sells covers.  I haven’t purchased one, however, all the reviews I’ve read of his covers, there was only love.  In this day and age, for me personally, customer service is huge….enormous.  If a shop has good customer service and response time, I’m all in, because they care enough about each customer to respond and fix any issue.  My daughter has recently purchased her first cover and is going to use Buteo Bunker printable paper.

If you are looking for a shop that stands by his products, responds quickly, and cares about the customers, check it out.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  If you have a Buteo Bunker cover please let me know in comments how you like it. You can also search YouTube for videos on the covers!

Tomorrow morning I will be announcing the big giveaway winner and reviewing MarsiaBramucci’s All-In-One insert   that I love!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Burgess Taylor
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 08:12:32

    I ordered two of his, one for myself and one for my husband (as an anniversary present) and OMG the leather–his books smell delicious, and they are supple but firm enough not to be, what I consider “too floppy.” His customer services was excellent, and the delivery was fast, and the prices more than reasonable. No complaints here. Nothing but great things to say about his TN’s and his shop.



  2. joyisachoice29
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 14:15:49

    I figured! Everything I have read on FB, his work is amazing. Customer service is excellent…I hope his store grows and grows!



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