Pocket Therapy

20150309_072645Just thought I would share a little technique I share with class participants that helps people refocus when they are caught in a cycle of obsessing about something or they know they have a ‘button’ that gets pushed.  “Pocket Therapy” is a loose term, obviously it is NOT therapy but it is fun and mine has actually worked for me the couple times that I have pulled it out and looked at it.

The idea is simple, take a small matchbox of some sort.  You can decorate your matchbox any 20150309_072653way you like.  On the front you are going to put the word or action that you get stuck in a cycle in….see my pictures of mine.  On the inside you are going to write your ‘therapy’…your quote, your thought that gets you to stop and refocus your mind.  I also put a quote on the back of my box that was relevant to my issue – which is over-thinking 20150309_072723something.  I keep my box in my bag that I carry every day to and from work.  Will it ‘cure’ a big issue or solve all your problems?  Of course not, but sometimes all we need is a little reminder that our thoughts are not facts and refocusing can be a simple step to finding inner balance again.

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  1. leeloobelle
    Mar 13, 2015 @ 08:17:55

    I love this. I have been doing this the last few days (although I have just been using a post it note in my pocket). During a stressful day when I am dealing with large problems, I can take a deep breath, read my Alfred A. Montapert quote, and focus on my priorities again without feeling so stressed.

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