90 Links for All Traveler Notebook Fans plus 3….

This is Part 2 in the list of resources for Traveler Notebook lovers.  By no means is this exhaustive and some of these resources are in Part 1 because they are just really good resources….I’m going to start with covers and just to let you know, some of these shops are open for business at only certain times of the day to keep up with demand and avoid getting swamped with orders….so I’m not giving you bad information.  Just be persistent and keep checking if there is a shop you want to order from…message the owner, they are all very responsive.  We will start this list with the original…Midori.  There are a lot of places to buy the original, I think the best place to get it if you want the original is 1. Goulet Pen Co.

2.  FoxyDori.                       3.  Chic Sparrow                 4.  JSK Notebooks

5.  JoneliFish                      6.  Buteo Bunker                 7.  PapergeekMY

8.  MorganleFaes Trinkets 9.  Pellestudio                     10. Travelers Times

11. Zenok Leather              12. Onica Hanby                13. ZenKraft

14, CakePaperie                 15. 3SpeckledFawns

This is not an exhaustive list of covers however, I have tried to list the top ones that I see on all the blogs, FB groups and Instagrams that I cover.  There are supply resources I am listing below that also sell covers but the covers are not their primary stock that they move…be sure to check them out…..Next I am listing inserts…some of these companies are also on the covers list because they sell both…….there are A LOT of insert suppliers and there is no way to list them all but here we go with as many as I can find….

16.  YellowPaperHouse         17.  May Designs                      18.  Molsmum

19.  Travelers Times             20.  MorganLeFaesTrinkets      21.  Rogue Crusade

22.  Buteo Bunker                 23.  MarsiaBramucci (she has DIY but will also print them for you)

24.  Sketchbook Collection   25.  KiddyQualia                         26.  Growing Up Goddess

27.  OnicaHanby                   28.  Red Lemon                         30.  Scrapipebre

Again this is not an exhaustive list, there are many more sites out there that sell pre-made inserts.  A simple search on Etsy or Google will give you a huge list.  Of course you can also purchase inserts from Midori as well.

DIY inserts are as plentiful as the pre-made ones.  DIY inserts do require you to cut and bind them yourself.  This is usually stapling, although some people get fancy and sew them together.   You can find a lot of YouTube videos on putting printable inserts together.  My favorite Etsy shops that sell DIY’s are:

31.  AndreaGomoll               32.  RebeccaMeyersDesigns       33.  JaneDIY

34.  DIYfish                           35.  Essikulnserts

36.  KellyBangsCreative        37.  ButeoBunker (he also sells pre-made)

38.  Taroko Shop                  39.  PapierMyDay

40. Plan Ink                                 41.  Little Quiro

42.  A Southern Lady’s Design    43.  Chadeau Secrets

There are many more printables on Etsy just do a search.  Additionally, MorganLeFaesTrinkets has a blog and FREE printables you can download.  I use a couple of them in my blog Dori…they are great.

Once you have your inserts figured out then you will want to accessorize…that can mean stickers, folders, stamps, pens, charms, clip.  Here is a list of supplies, again hardly exhaustive.

16.  Happie Scrappie             45.  MochiThings                        46.  SeeJaneWork

47.  GirlofAllWork                   48.  Simple Heart                        49.  Sweet Kawaii Design

50.  Washi Woman                51.  Jet Pens                              52.  Sticker Lovers

53.  AlexStudios                     54.  Yoobi                                  55.  Cute Scribble

56.  GouletPen                       57.  Hoot Designs                      58.  Crafters Retreat

59.  OliBlock                           60.  ByTheLetterCee                 61. Chaotic Stationary

62.  3SpeckledFawns            63. Vintage Gypsy                     64.  Prep 2 Plan

65.  LadyendeVagehond       66.  Nikki Michelle                      67.  MareBear Crafts

68.  MyPaperShoppe            69.  Fox and Star                       70.  Small Town Gal Design

71.  OllieEmily                       72.  Sweet June Bug Designs    73.  LobsterBisqueVintage

74.  StickersKingdom            75.  PrettyTape                          76.  CharlottesWeb86

And Pen Favorites…..

77.  Lamy                              78.  Kaweco                               79.  Pilot

80. these Tombow pencils (love the color)                              81. this Zebra Mini ballpoint pens

82.  this Pilot mechanical pencil (again the color…)                 83.  these Pilot erasable pens

84.  these Pilot Maica fine point pens (you can buy individual pens)

85.  this Sharpie for writing on stickers and washi tape           86.   these…a really nice alternative to Sharpies….

There are so many supplies out there…an unending list, and here are a few ways to ‘contain’ your supplies in a portable fashion…

87.  Travel Wallet                    88.  This travel wallet too         89.  Nomad

90.  Nomad Flap  I will be giving away one of these in my next giveaway and it will be full of supplies for your TN.  Happy Shopping Everyone!

P/S…. Some YouTube Channels which explain EVERYTHING…  TheResetGirl    MyLifeMits   JenniferFaber


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Growing Up Goddess
    Mar 11, 2015 @ 08:54:18

    Such a good list!! I’ve purchased from a good amount of these sellers and they all are great! I can’t wait to check out the ones I haven’t yet seen. I also wanted to thank you for including my link in this post 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great week!



  2. Pam newman
    Apr 06, 2015 @ 08:06:45

    Thank you ..Thank you .. Love this list.



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  4. May
    Oct 23, 2015 @ 07:13:50

    I think the best place to get the original may be Amazon…



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