Portable Planner Tools I use Most

I carry a bag every day and keep pens, pencils, washi, stickers, paper and tools that I use most.  I have my favorite tools and I thought I would share them with you all.  First is a mini hole punch, mine is old and green and beat up but w20150321_131329orks great.  You can find one here.  Next would be standard issue whiteout tape.  My favorite is Oops! sold at Staples.  It never goes off track or bunches up.  I love the Tombow glue pen.  This glue pen looks like a a regular pen, same size and will glue the tiniest spot. These are actually hard to find in stores.  JetPens carries one here.  Once you use one, you won’t want to be without it.  I always need a pair of scissors in my bag and for me the perfect ones are Sun-Star Stickyle Pen-Style Scissors.  Mine are pink but they come in six different colors here.  I also like having an X-acto knife but wanted something small and easy to carry so I keep this retractable blade in my bag as well.  Mine is black and the size of a pen.  I always keep a Sharpie brand pen in my bag for writing on Washi or other surfaces of stickers etc that I can’t use other pens on.  I like my stainless steel one because it is refillable.  I’ve had it over a year and haven’t refilled it yet.  I also keep an Avery Glue Pen in my bag.  It has a broad end for larger gluing jobs and sticks much better than traditional glue sticks.  I have used Scotch brand double-stick tape for years.  I always keep a roll in my bag as well.  For all my erasing needs I keep an Ain ‘dust gathering’ eraser in my bag.  It leaves larger eraser bits and is easier to clean up.  It also erases cleanly.  I typically use Blackwing Pearl wooden pencils and so keep a pencil sharpener in my bag.  My sharpener of choice is the famous Ratchetta.  Found at JetPens mine is pink.  It sharpens two ways and doesn’t break the lead when sharpening….best pencil sharpener I think.  I keep a Midori Multi Ruler in my bag.  I probably use this at least three or four times a week.  It is sturdy, cute, and comes in three colors.  It measures in cm, which is nice because most things Traveler Notebook seem to be in cm.  Last but not least is my container of clips, paper clips, circle clips, classic clips, Midori clips….so there you have it.  Nothing fancy but at any time, I can reach in my bag and have, at my finger tips, just about any tool I need for my TN.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kim Reilley
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 11:47:32

    Absolutely fabulous! so helpful!



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