My Odd use for an Insert

I have an insert in my field-note size TN that is strictly for weekends.  Weekends can be very hectic and sometimes duringSBC_mme-jb1038_020150327_085735 the course of the week, I can forget what I need to get done so I keep an insert that just has my weekend activities.  As the week progresses I add to it, including the fun things I might do with family, friends or my kids.  Yes, I have calendar inserts in my regular size TN but I don’t always want to carry that one on the weekends and I don’t necessarily want a calendar in my smaller one, so this was the perfect solution for me.  I do keep a month calendar in my smaller TN, it’s the pictured one, which you can find here.  It doesn’t add any bulk and I can move the sticker around if I need to.

The most wonderful thing about TN’s is that at any given moment you can change your TN to be exactly what you need it to be.  I have a place on my bookshelf for inserts that I need occasionally but not all the time.  That is really what makes my TN’s so valuable to me.  As I said on my Instagram account, ‘I loves them, I do!’


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