Product Review – The Align Stapler

I purchased the Align Stapler.  This little device is basically a disconnected stapler that is held together top-to-bottom with a magnet.  You put your paper in between the pieces and staple.  The idea is you can staple any size papers.  Ideal for making your own printable inserts right?  I posted on my FB groups about purchasing it (before I received it) and had may people telling me how awful it was.  Not being one to just march to everyone else’s drum I didn’t really care, I wanted to find 11080966_10206339835525631_8561650090195687158_nout for myself how it works since it was only ten dollars on Quirky.  I received it this morning.  After the first staple attempts right out of the box sucked, I was a little anxious.  Once I got the hang of how it works I love it.  The device is very light, so gives the impression of being kind of cheap.  When you staple, you don’t get that satisfying thunk that you do with a conventional stapler.  If you can get past that, the stapler works very well.  In the11083900_10206339835925641_5956919742530602067_n photos, I stapled a piece of cardstock and eight sheets of copy paper that I had a page-a-day hobonichi printable on for the month of April.  It stapled all of it.  I also discovered the other option, which is not mentioned anywhere, is that you can take the top staple mechanism, with an eraser under your papers and the mechanism placed above and staple more than the thickness you may be able to with both sides together.  I hope that makes sense….so basically using it as an open stapler in the tacking position – which is how I have been stapling inserts prior to this.  I think for the price, the device is well worth the money.  You can find it here.

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