My New Charm…I’m in love with my skull fairy

11039801_829879780421196_6818956350573133982_oThrough someone I met on Instagram I discovered an artist with a very unique aesthetic.  I love skulls, I’m not sure why, I don’t associate them with death or sadness or anything negative.  Karen Kemp has taken the skull and combined it with wings to make what I call a ‘skull fairy’.  When I saw them I was on a mission to own one.  The friend of Karen connected me with her and a couple weeks later I had my gold skull fairy.  I took two pictures of her, in different lighting, so you can see the details. She custom made this for me.  Karen has a big selection of ‘skulls’ and findings and can make you just want you are looking for…within reason :-D.  I’m not really hanging charms on my TN’s much these days so I am wearing 20150425_184901mine on a chain, it’s gotten quite a bit of attention too….Part of the attraction for me is the obvious contradiction between a skull and fairy wings.  She does have other colored skulls in case you aren’t in to gold.  I sort of think my fairy was a lucky charm this morning as I had her on when my 24 year-old car passed state emissions testing!  If you are interested in commissioning a charm you can email Karen at prismaticpov@gmail.com.  You can also check out her F20150425_184843acebook page here.

30 Free Printables Resources for Your Planner plus 1

Who doesn’t like the word free?  The community of planner lovers is a very generous and creative crowd, and because ofAll-in-One Color Printer this, there are plenty of free printables out there for every kind of planner.  I’ve compiled a list of 29 sites for printables – calendars, various inserts/pages, stickers – you name it.  Not all of these have TN specific printables but not everyone shares the love of elastics, some folks are hardcore ring fans and there are plenty of printables for ring planners too.  Have fun checking them all out!

Jessicaswift,  LIttlehouseonthecircle,  Adayinthelifeandmind,                           Creativideeworkshop,  Cleanmama,

Mylifeallinoneplace – LOTS of fantastic freebies,   Morganlefaestrinkets – LOTS of amazing freebies,   TeamconfettiHappiescrappie, Fabnfree

Daydesigner…..Try it….then buy it…,  Mswenduhh – LOTS of freebies and instructions on making your own printables,

Ipigtails – stickers,  Worldlabels – stickers,  Kaylaaimee – stickers,  Alphamom – stickers,  Homemadekraft – stickers,

Meinlilapark – stickers,  Repositionable sticker paper (for sale on Amazon),  Clever idea to make your own colored stickers without a printer….,

Breakitdawns,  Onceuponadragonfly,  Misstina,  Donnayoung,  Iheartplanners,  Scatteredsquirrel,  Graph paper,

Homemadekraft,  Thesecretowl,  Diyplanner,  Generatedpaper

28 MORE Uses for your Traveler’s Notebook

  1. Keep track of all your planner supplies – washi samples on a page, stamp ink colors, catalog the pens you own etc
  2. Your relationship – things to work on, dates to go on
  3. New foods and restaurants you want to try, recipes for those new foods or tips on how to prepare them
  4. Warranty information on electronic, household items
  5. Your favorite sports team playing schedule, players info, fantasy league info20150308_081525
  6. Calligraphy, writing practice
  7. Couponing/sales at your favorite stores – also include hours of operation
  8. Start a genealogy/family tree insert
  9. Keep track of your knitting needles/crochet hooks – sizes, lengths…
  10. Sketch new quilt blocks
  11. List of favorite websites/etsy shops – what you order from them, what you want, discount codes
  12. Are you a geocacher? Use an insert just for that
  13. Are you a LARPER? Into cosplay?  Inserts for both of those to keep track of meet-ups, costumes, roles…
  14. Keep a diary of antiquing sites, what you gotten, what you are looking for
  15. Do you collect DVD’s/Blue Rays? My son-in-law does and you can easily keep a hard copy record so you don’t repeat a buy
  16. Use Peerless Watercolor sheets and waterbrush pens to make a custom palette and make an insert with watercolor paper to have a to-go art kit
  17. If you are a collector of any kind, use different inserts to catalog different collections
  18. Catalog yarn, embroidery floss, fabric – quantities, colors, brands
  19. Do you read the bible? Favorite scriptures that help you
  20. Do you invent things? Keep track of those projects
  21. Christmas lists – ongoing, bought, inspiration, wrapping paper stock, cards to send to who
  22. Lists of medications and dosages for each family member
  23. A list of things you own that you want to upcycle, donate, sell
  24. Plan and start a podcast of something you are really good at and enjoy doing
  25. Plan and start a planner club with friends
  26. Like to write and know lots about a lot of things?  Use an insert to plan and become a Wikipedia editor
  27. Create a list of weekly/monthly challenges for yourself and keep track of the ones you complete
  28. Create custom inserts and set up a shop on Etsy and SELL them for $$$$!

Free Templates from an Amazing TN Artist!

Does everyone know about Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets template dropbox?  She has a huge variety of templates that fit a wide range of planners – both TN and ringed.  She has one for ‘tangle’ samples that is very clever and useful.  It is a free template for an insert with ‘zentangle’ type samples you can do…it is AWESOME! In fact, all of the templates in her dropbox are free. I currently am using three of the inserts from the dropbox, a bullet journal called Random Quotes, the tangle insert, and the 365 Every Day Matters insert.  Check them out.  If you like creating your own inserts it is worth while to check out her blog.  She also has a Facebook group She doesn’t know I’m posting this…her dropbox is Etsy Banner1such a generous and amazing resource I thought I would share in case you don’t know about it….the picture is from her site…..

What are Your Core Values? Everyone should know what they are!

431932_10204819889327926_2113176835625440694_nCore Values are the infrastructure to who we are as humans—the brick and mortar of our characters and personality.  Think of your core values as the framing on a house, the framing holds the house up and keeps it solid and together.  We all have many values we hold highly but some are so important they guide and dictate the very steps we take every day. Core Values motivate our conscious and unconscious actions.  Identifying your core values can help clarify your dreams, fears, goals , and what you value most in life.  In order to strengthen resiliency in life one must know what his or her core values are.

Core values are not:




-Operating Practices

Core values should be in practice every day.  Core values connect you with the outer-world; help you pick and choose relationships to invest your time and emotions in.  Core values help you manage your finances, relationships,  and daily life. Think of core values as the tracks on a railway that keep your life in line with your beliefs.  Core values require no justification, as they are ‘part of who you are’.

If you are curious as to what your core values are you can download the list of core values here.  After you have the list, circle 12 values you hold most dear.  Now cross out 3 of them, after you do that, cross out another 3.  Are you mad at me yet?  You need to cross out another 3.  The resulting 3 core values you have remaining are probably your core values you hold most dear.  Take a look closely at the remaining 3 values.  Do they align with your family life, your interpersonal life with a partner, your professional life and conduct?  Record your core values in your TN and write something about each one and how you have seen common threads in your life where your core values played out.  Be proud of the effort you have taken to identify them and know that they are your ‘silent partners’ in life, guiding you as you move through each moment of your day.

Are They going to add the Word Syndrome after Your Name?

Excess stress, burnout, overworking, suffering for others at work is NOT heroic, it is self-destructive.431932_10204819889327926_2113176835625440694_n

Martyring yourself can be tied in to that feeling that you never do enough, give enough, try enough or are enough so you must do more.

You may be trying to save your corner of the world, take responsibility for others failings, feel no one can do ‘it’ as well as you.  Your self-worth is tied to your accomplishments, few people know who you really are or what you really want.

Few, if any, ever know when you are truly hurt or profoundly upset.  Do not re-create your own personal tragedy every day.  Do not see this self-martyring as a badge of honor but as abusive and damaging.  You do not want a syndrome named after you.  Once you let go of this drive to over-do, you will accomplish much more meaningful things in your life.

Spend some time writing in your TN about whether you are wearing your stress, etc. as a badge of honor, or your self esteem is tied in to over-doing it to give meaning to your life.  Contemplate what the drive is behind over-doing it and if, everything that you are doing is truly feeding your heart and soul.  Start keeping things on your to-do list that are purpose, heart driven and give you soul satisfaction instead.

Winner of Our Cover Giveaway is………………..

Susan Todd!!!!  Susan, thank you for following my blog and Instagram.  I hope that you enjoy the cover.  Please send me a message via the ‘Contact Me’ on my blog with your address.  It will be out in the mail to you this week!  Keep checking back everyone for information on the next giveaway….coming SOON!

Review of the FabDori from BlissBagBoutique

I recently created a new resource list and included BlissBagBoutique in the list because she-Julia Schnee – makes theseil_570xN.755980523_7wpq amazing TN accessories pouch with exacting construction.  Pictured is a green one with yellow trim.  These fit a standard Dori. Well, Julia, appreciative of the shout out, sent me one of her lovely FabDoris.  I have three leather Dori’s currently and was excited to get it and see how a cloth Dori measures up.

I have to say I am very impressed.  Aside from the meticulous and beautiful construction, the FabDori is light as a feather.  My leather Dori’s do get heavy when crammed full.  The one she sent me had two strands and I easily put four inserts in it with no over-hang and it is still light. 20150415_175558 The pen loop is stretchy elastic and fit my fat Cocoiro Letter Pen.  This is the Dori I will carry in my purse every day because it is so light, so adorable and colorful and so sturdy.  I am keeping my grocery list, household lists and an insert for my family stuff.  Another thing that I REALLY love is that somehow, Julia has gotten the elastic around the Dori SUPER sturdy and secure, way more secure than my three others…haven’t quite figured that one out but I LOVE it 20150415_175613and if I over-filled it, everything will still stay super secure.  If you are on the fence about a cloth Dori, teeter over to BlissBagBoutique on Etsy.  The standard is a mere $24, a steal for the beautiful handcrafting and fun design.  The Bliss Brand Julia is creating is really lovely and I hope you will check out all of her products.  She also has a bag in her shop called the “Sew Together Bag” that has three interior zip pockets which would be ideal for planner supplies.  There is only one left in the shop right now!  Below is her intro from her shop: 20150415_175621

“Welcome to Bliss! I make colorful bags, pouches and wallets. I love to find the most colorful and modern cotton fabrics to create a piece of art that anyone would love to carry with them everyday. My bags and accessories will get you noticed and make you smile every time you carry them!  Follow me on instagram (jschnee23) for sneak peeks at new fabrics and bags I am working o20150415_175629n!”

The Burden Basket

The metaphor of the burden basket is based on basket is based on actual baskets Native American women would sling across their shoulders, thus leaving their hands free to work as they collected food, wood and other things for their daily subsistence.  At the end of the chores the basket was left at the entry to the home.  Visitors, upon entry, were expected to basketleave their burdens and troubles in the basket so the visit was pleasant and happy.

Using a burden basket gives you a physical place to write your burdens, troubles and difficult thoughts down.  At the end of a designated period of time of your choice, you can burn the burdens or toss them out to sea to be carried away.

The original burden basket was made of Cedar bark, split and woven in shape of a vessel.  The Cedar tree, to some Native Americans, is the tree known to absorb tears, shouts of pain, anger and sorrows.  The Cedar tree is also symbolic in healing, cleansing and protection rituals.

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