Synergy, serendipity, kismet…..

I love examples of the universe conspiring to make things happen…I thought I would share with you a few that I use as examples in my class when I am talking about following your heart….gratitude-clipart-tree_of_love_with_heart_shaped_leaves_0071-0906-1321-2835_SMU

At age 35, Harrison Ford was fitting a door for Francis Ford Coppola when a studio executive asked him to take a break and read lines with actresses who were testing for a new film. The film was Star Wars.

Richard Sears was employed as a freight processor.  He bought a shipment of watches that were unclaimed and began selling them up and down the railroad line.  He then began collaborating with Alvah Roebuck, watch repairer…

Eleanor Wilder started writing in 1979 when she was housebound with her two sons as a result of a blizzard.  She never went to college. Her books sell at a rate of 12 an hour, 24/7.  You know her as Nora Roberts

Cyrus McCormick family invented a horse drawn reaper.  Spent 9 years trying to convince farmers to try it .  He went bankrupt in 1837. Sold 1 reaper 2 years later.  Sold 50 4 years later, then advertised it with guarantees and testimonials.  He sold 1000 6 years later. At a World Expo he demonstrated it and harvested 74 yards of wheat in 70 sec. 33 years after starting he made 10 million dollars and started International Harvester .

Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley grew up in Vermont. He was fascinated by snow and studied flakes on a black cloth, others thought he was very strange. His parents were poor farmers. Got his parents to get him a microscope and then a camera he could attach to it.  He invented photomicrography and came up with the theory that no two snowflakes are alike. In his life he documented over 5000 flakes – no two alike.

Brenda Dayne was a life long knitter.  She loved her hobby so much she started the podcast “Cast On”. The podcast was a hobby as well.  Her podcasts are now funded by the government of Great Britain!

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