28 MORE Uses for your Traveler’s Notebook

  1. Keep track of all your planner supplies – washi samples on a page, stamp ink colors, catalog the pens you own etc
  2. Your relationship – things to work on, dates to go on
  3. New foods and restaurants you want to try, recipes for those new foods or tips on how to prepare them
  4. Warranty information on electronic, household items
  5. Your favorite sports team playing schedule, players info, fantasy league info20150308_081525
  6. Calligraphy, writing practice
  7. Couponing/sales at your favorite stores – also include hours of operation
  8. Start a genealogy/family tree insert
  9. Keep track of your knitting needles/crochet hooks – sizes, lengths…
  10. Sketch new quilt blocks
  11. List of favorite websites/etsy shops – what you order from them, what you want, discount codes
  12. Are you a geocacher? Use an insert just for that
  13. Are you a LARPER? Into cosplay?  Inserts for both of those to keep track of meet-ups, costumes, roles…
  14. Keep a diary of antiquing sites, what you gotten, what you are looking for
  15. Do you collect DVD’s/Blue Rays? My son-in-law does and you can easily keep a hard copy record so you don’t repeat a buy
  16. Use Peerless Watercolor sheets and waterbrush pens to make a custom palette and make an insert with watercolor paper to have a to-go art kit
  17. If you are a collector of any kind, use different inserts to catalog different collections
  18. Catalog yarn, embroidery floss, fabric – quantities, colors, brands
  19. Do you read the bible? Favorite scriptures that help you
  20. Do you invent things? Keep track of those projects
  21. Christmas lists – ongoing, bought, inspiration, wrapping paper stock, cards to send to who
  22. Lists of medications and dosages for each family member
  23. A list of things you own that you want to upcycle, donate, sell
  24. Plan and start a podcast of something you are really good at and enjoy doing
  25. Plan and start a planner club with friends
  26. Like to write and know lots about a lot of things?  Use an insert to plan and become a Wikipedia editor
  27. Create a list of weekly/monthly challenges for yourself and keep track of the ones you complete
  28. Create custom inserts and set up a shop on Etsy and SELL them for $$$$!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. kbunyon
    Apr 24, 2015 @ 17:43:36

    Personally, I first made my dori with graft paper inserts so I could create patterns for my tablet loom. I’m so excited to be able to create when the idea strikes.



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