My New Charm…I’m in love with my skull fairy

11039801_829879780421196_6818956350573133982_oThrough someone I met on Instagram I discovered an artist with a very unique aesthetic.  I love skulls, I’m not sure why, I don’t associate them with death or sadness or anything negative.  Karen Kemp has taken the skull and combined it with wings to make what I call a ‘skull fairy’.  When I saw them I was on a mission to own one.  The friend of Karen connected me with her and a couple weeks later I had my gold skull fairy.  I took two pictures of her, in different lighting, so you can see the details. She custom made this for me.  Karen has a big selection of ‘skulls’ and findings and can make you just want you are looking for…within reason :-D.  I’m not really hanging charms on my TN’s much these days so I am wearing 20150425_184901mine on a chain, it’s gotten quite a bit of attention too….Part of the attraction for me is the obvious contradiction between a skull and fairy wings.  She does have other colored skulls in case you aren’t in to gold.  I sort of think my fairy was a lucky charm this morning as I had her on when my 24 year-old car passed state emissions testing!  If you are interested in commissioning a charm you can email Karen at  You can also check out her F20150425_184843acebook page here.

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