Quit Loving Your Fears

Make a list of the fears that have followed you your whole life, that you have fed, justified, nurtured, even honored-all for the sake of staying safe, protecting yourself from hurt and loneliness. Now, challenge the reality of those fears every single day. Do it dispassionately as if you are doing it for a dear friend-not yourself. Do it until you kill those fears and leave them behind in the dust and you burst forth in a blaze of glory and light. J Thomas

Your Sacred Garment…..

On our bodies is written the story of our lives and our survival. Whether you are skinny or thick, scars, stretch marks, parts missing, surgeries had, diseases fought and conquered, your body has carried you through it all majestically and without complaint.

We all look at our bodies and find something wrong with them – cellulite, thin arms or legs, chubby legs, saggy breasts – so what. Where is the standard of beauty written in the universe? It has been superficially created in the media to make money.

Your body is a glorious testament to your survival and victory in life, to the gift of life the universe has granted you. To hate and vilify the sacred garment you wear each day is to do a fundamental disservice to who you are as a human. Love yourself, treasure each and every beautiful inch you are. Don’t listen to those who say you aren’t good enough…because you are.

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