Review of the FabDori from BlissBagBoutique

I recently created a new resource list and included BlissBagBoutique in the list because she-Julia Schnee – makes theseil_570xN.755980523_7wpq amazing TN accessories pouch with exacting construction.  Pictured is a green one with yellow trim.  These fit a standard Dori. Well, Julia, appreciative of the shout out, sent me one of her lovely FabDoris.  I have three leather Dori’s currently and was excited to get it and see how a cloth Dori measures up.

I have to say I am very impressed.  Aside from the meticulous and beautiful construction, the FabDori is light as a feather.  My leather Dori’s do get heavy when crammed full.  The one she sent me had two strands and I easily put four inserts in it with no over-hang and it is still light. 20150415_175558 The pen loop is stretchy elastic and fit my fat Cocoiro Letter Pen.  This is the Dori I will carry in my purse every day because it is so light, so adorable and colorful and so sturdy.  I am keeping my grocery list, household lists and an insert for my family stuff.  Another thing that I REALLY love is that somehow, Julia has gotten the elastic around the Dori SUPER sturdy and secure, way more secure than my three others…haven’t quite figured that one out but I LOVE it 20150415_175613and if I over-filled it, everything will still stay super secure.  If you are on the fence about a cloth Dori, teeter over to BlissBagBoutique on Etsy.  The standard is a mere $24, a steal for the beautiful handcrafting and fun design.  The Bliss Brand Julia is creating is really lovely and I hope you will check out all of her products.  She also has a bag in her shop called the “Sew Together Bag” that has three interior zip pockets which would be ideal for planner supplies.  There is only one left in the shop right now!  Below is her intro from her shop: 20150415_175621

“Welcome to Bliss! I make colorful bags, pouches and wallets. I love to find the most colorful and modern cotton fabrics to create a piece of art that anyone would love to carry with them everyday. My bags and accessories will get you noticed and make you smile every time you carry them!  Follow me on instagram (jschnee23) for sneak peeks at new fabrics and bags I am working o20150415_175629n!”

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