The Next Giveaway is coming soon!!!!

il_570xN.507510177_81ouil_570xN.522315125_rlpiYep, our next giveaway is only a week away.  I told you it would be a very unusual Traveler Notebook cover…one that no shrinking violet wants to carry.  I previously showed you ONE side of it…the pattern but I didn’t tell you that the cover will be reversible.  The other side of the cover will be sea foam aqua with a little pearlized sheen to it.  All you will need to do to reverse it is take the strands and elastics off and restring them.  Additionally at both ends of the strand there will be a small vintage bone button to accent where the strands attach.  It will be a real beauty.  The cover will be double elastic with a charm attached to one of the elastics.  All you need to do to enter the giveaway is follow my blog AND my Instagram – yes it is that easy.  I hope you all are as excited for this giveaway as I am!!!

Our Next Giveaway!

I am very excited about our next giveaway.  We are getting close to another folllower milestone and I am close to a milestone in my career.  The blog is growing by leaps and bounds and I am getting read to launch a class on Self-Care that I have been developing for quite a while.  In honor of those two things the giveaway has to be good!  Up for grabs for one lucky follower is 20150206_120841a faux-dori, regular with extra room, four strands, double strap, in genuine leather.  This isn’t just any faux-dori, this one isn’t for the faint of heart because the leather has a beautiful pattern on it that will bring attention to it….I’m not going to say more – yet….how do you get in on the drawing?  Simply be a follower of my blog AND my Instagram – yep that easy!  Links to my Instagram on the right.  Thank you to all of my followers for being a part of my blog.  The deadline for entry is April 20th.  The Dori shown is not the prize, it just illustrates a typical regular faux-dori with extra room.

Send me a Message if You are a Vendor or Shop on Instagram…..

I am on my Instagram account several times a day and see such a huge benefit to it for vendors and craftspeople who areunnamed trying to promote their work. If you are a vendor or have a shop and would like your Instagram account listed on a post I am putting together about top 100 Instagram accounts for planner/office supply/midori lovers/addicts please send me a contact me with your info about your shop and your Instagram account name.  I would love to include your shop and promote it for you!  If you know of someone who doesn’t read my blog but has a shop they would like included let them know and ask if they would like to be included in the list.

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