Feelings, my friends, are not Facts…

When I first realized this many years ago, I was quite shocked by the truth of the statement.  As human beings, it is our job to assign emotion to everything and everyone in life.  The connection of emotion is what makes us human.  Our emotions filter our interpretation of truth and fact.  If I was to say:  the sun was a bright pinky-yellow this morning as it rose, many of you would conjure some type of emotion associated with a past sunrise that you encountered, thus your interpretation of past sunrises is painted with your version of the truth of those sunrises.

It’s pretty harmless to have your own filtered version of a sunrise, however, where we can get in to trouble is when we take life affecting moments, immersed in emotion, and consider our emotions around those moments’ facts.  It is easy to get in a goodhealthV2-paperrelicscycle of over-thinking about a person, event, or issue when there are a lot of conflicting or overpowering emotions involved.  We get sucked in to thinking our reality-filtered by our emotions-is fact.  Our reality is not necessarily the reality we should be taking in to account.  Our emotions tug us in the direction of a heart’s desire or a financial need or a family burden.  The need or want attached to those things give us a distorted version of what is.  Our minds trick us in to thinking the feeling-filtered perception is fact because that is easiest to believe.  Face it, as humans we are very attached to our feelings and we are all, to a degree, egocentric.  “My ideas, ways of doing things, beliefs are the best…”  If we didn’t buy in to our own beliefs and patterns we would be wrecks.

What do you do then, when you may be in a cycle of over-thinking or uncertainty over some emotionally charged issue?  You aren’t sure what is fact and what is your emotion-induced fiction, swaying you in the direction of your heart?  You journal.  Get out your Traveler Notebook and start writing down the emotions you are feeling, the raw facts you know for sure, your perceptions of the facts, and any feedback you might garner from close associates.  Add it all up, sum up the information, write from a third person perspective, dispassionately with  neutral observations, then take a step back.  Leave it, walk away, let the thoughts settle.  Ponder them on a long walk, over a hot cup of tea, remember to believe in your own best self and return to your written words.  You will, I promise, have gained a perspective.  Write it down, the unfiltered perceptions and why your emotions tugged at you so much.  Remember however, even though feelings are not facts, they are what make us gloriously human, so beautiful and fragile, and each emotion is worth feeling and savoring.

Review of Writing Down Your Soul

Are you thinking about using your Traveler’s Notebook for journaling?  I have always been a firm believer in journaling and recording moments of your life.  Writing down quotes, perceptions, observations, keeping paper ephemera of your life is an excellent way to connect to your true self, understand your personal truth and leave a lasting memorial for family if you so choose to do that.  One of the best books I have read on the subject is Writing Down Your Soul by Janet Connor.

If you have ever had a hard time knowing where to start, how to start, why you should even bother, this is the book….Janet helps readers connect with the ‘inner voice’ in a very easy way.  If you were on the fence about journaling, she will push you over to her side and sell you on the importance of doing it.  I have read a multitude of comments that call this book life transforming and I agree.  One of my favorite parts was helping the reader give a name to their journal, I’ve always journaled but never with a directed name and now I do.   You can find the book on Amazon.  Used copies sell for as little as $7.99.  I don’t know Janet, get no credit for this, I just think this is a worthwhile resource.  If you want to start journaling in your Traveler’s Notebook, here is an excellent way to start.

The Amazing Technology of the Traveler’s Notebook

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You are probably wondering what the ‘technology’ of the traveler’s notebook could be since it is just leather, cord, and paper….lots of paper.  I’ve tried just about every planner out there and almost every planner ‘app’ as well.  I stumbled across the brand ‘Midori’ a while ago.  Being someone who likes lots of color in her life, the Midori brand didn’t cut it for me….but I really liked the idea of flexibility in the TN.  No planner will work if it isn’t used or it is used minimally…then it is just a stack of paper bound by leather.  I found a shop on Etsy that made colored TN’s by hand to order.

Once I had the FoxyDori in my hands I new I had found the technology I was looking for to pull the different parts of my life together in to one neat amazing bundle.  Wikipedia states the definition of technology is:  from Greek τέχνη, techne, “art, skill, cunning of hand”; and -λογία is the collection of techniques, methods or processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives.   That definition fits my Dori perfectly because daily I am able to accomplish my objectives with the help of this tactile leather cover enveloping my dreams, goals, tasks, quotes, recipes, blog ideas and appointments.  If you use a planner…mosey over to Kelly’s shop on Etsy, FoxyDori  and check out what she makes.  She doesn’t know I’m telling you about her but you will love what she does…I guarantee it….and you will have a new home for your dreams and goals.  If you don’t want color or her cover isn’t exactly what you are looking for a quick search of Traveler’s Notebook, Midori, FauxDori on google or Etsy will help you find other variations.

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