Protect Yourself when Shopping for a Traveler’s Notebook Cover

I belong to twelve different Traveler Notebook related Facebook groups and run an additional one.  Recently there has been a rash of consumers of fauxdori covers being scammed and taken advantage of.  Many of these victims were new users of the traveler notebook. There are probably hundreds of fauxdori vendors on Etsy, and the internet in general, selling20150226_115218 their wares.  There is a much smaller number of craftsmen and craftswomen who create ‘artisanal’ covers – reputable dealers who provide prompt communication, clear ordering instructions, and have a proven track record of sales and satisfied customers.

So what do you do if you are new to the world of TN’s and are overwhelmed by the choices of vendors?  There are a few things you can do ahead of time to lessen the chance that you will be disappointed in the end.

1.  Join Facebook groups related to the TN world.  Often consumers first become aware of an active scam on there when someone posts their negative experience…and others then validate they had the same experience.  The largest groups are: Traveler’s Notebook Forum, Lady Falcon’s Traveler’s Notebooks, Midori Traveler’s Notebook Resources, and the newest addition – Planner Swap Feedback – specifically created to provide a space for buyers to provide feedback on various vendors.   My group is Inserts, Inserts, Inserts – however it doesn’t specifically provide scam info regarding vendors of covers.  Note that all these groups are closed groups so you must join in order to see posts and information.

2.  If you are going to buy a cover off Etsy check these things:  How new is the shop?  Is there information about the shop owner?  How many buyer reviews are there and are they positive?  How new are the buyer reviews?  Have you asked on the various Facebook groups if anyone has dealt with the vendor you are interested in?  When planning your cover, is the shop owner responsive and communicative?  What is the refund policy?  (Custom covers are not normally refunded if you are dissatisfied – especially if you pre-approved the design).

3.  Always pay through PayPal or a credit card as there are dispute processes if you feel something shady is going on or you are being scammed.  Your purchase is protected with these payment methods.

Covers cost anywhere between $20 and up….the upper end being well over $100.  Covers are an investment that those of us in the TN world hope will be well made and stand up to years of service.  TN fans become emotionally attached to their covers.  It pays to take the time to do your research, study and understand what you want, what you are going to use it for, what kind of wear and tear it will get, what material you want it made of, and what size it will be.  The more front end research you do before investing, the happier you will be when that new cover is finally in your hands.

52 Different Uses for Your Traveler’s Notebook

I’ve seen a lot of people asking about ideas for using their TN’s.  I’ve been compiling a list of ways you can use it.  Some are self explanatory…..most won’t fit your needs but maybe some of these will ring a bell for you!  Enjoy!

  1. Blog – Keeping it up, starting a new one, ideas for one
  2. Planner – Work schedule, appointments, tasks, projects
  3. Travel – Where you want to go, where you’ve been, pictures, paper ephemera
  4. Baby – Your pregnancy, baby’s first year, baby care for babysitter
  5. Cooking – Recipes, great meals, recipe ideas, learning a new skill
  6. Pets – Taking care of your pet, pets you want, names, medical care
  7. House Remodel – Who your contractors are, plans, problems, schedules
  8. Job Hunt – Companies you want to apply to, skills to highlight, interview questions, networking
  9. Scrapbooking Ideas – Resources, websites, supplies, ideas, page designs
  10. Books To Read – Authors to follow, reading/book blogs, great books you’ve read
  11. Family – Family care, medical care for each member, stats for clothing purchases, school needs, food likes/dislikes/allergies, birthday/holiday present ideas
  12. Movies – You want to see, you’ve seen, reviews, favorite actors/actresses
  13. Wine – Favorite wines, upcoming wines, inventory in rack/cellar
  14. Medical Diary – Health care, specialists, diagnosis, medications, procedures
  15. Craft Projects – Websites, supply list/needs, project pages
  16. Writing Ideas – For blogs, books, articles you are writing
  17. Sewing Projects – Patterns, sources for materials, supplies, sketches of design ideas
  18. Knitting Projects – Patterns, sources for materials, supplies, sketches of design ideas
  19. Exercise/Marathon/Workout Plan – Accomplishments, weights, schedule, races
  20. Diary – Daily diary
  21. Dreams – Dream Interpretation
  22. Sketchbook
  23. Disneyland Trip – Plans, rides, hotels, food, packing for it, tickets20150206_120612
  24. Camping Plans – Campgrounds, food planning, supplies, dates
  25. Your Boat – Repairs, trips, upkeep
  26. Your Business Plans – New ideas, growth, hiring, resources, needs, repairs
  27. The Beach
  28. Fashion and Makeup
  29. Finances – Bill paying schedule, goals, investments, savings, stock, credit card paydown schedule
  30. Your History – Writing down your life history for your family and children
  31. Gratitude –  At least three things you are grateful for each day
  32. One Good Deed a Day –  Do one good thing a day and record it
  33. Note Taking for School
  34. Quotes – Favorite quotes, what they mean to you
  35. One line a Day – In a year you will have an amazing snapshot of your life
  36. Spiritual/Faith – Prayer Journal, spiritual goals, yoga, meditation
  37. Wedding – Plans, dress, reception, ceremony, vows, shower, bridesmaid/groomsmen plans, food
  38. Weight Loss/Food Diary
  39. Dating Ideas with Your Partner – Special memories, where you want to go, restaurants
  40. Your Bucket List
  41. Hobby Journal – Resources, ideas, pictures, progress
  42. Your YouTube Channel – plans, videos, schedules
  43. Photos/Instagram
  44. Your Garden – Planting schedule, goals, harvest, best/worst crops
  45. Home Decorating Projects
  46. Astrology
  47. Inspiration – for goals, life, hobbies, children, family, parenting, food, exercise
  48. Your Politics
  49. Doomsday Prepper – Supplies, locations, emergency bugout plan
  50. Elder Care – Medications, drs, appointments, therapies, foods
  51. Tea
  52. Family Traditions – So your children, grandchildren know what they are and why

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