Show Me how to do THAT!

youtube_logo_stacked-vfl225ZTxThe world of traveler’s notebooks looks pretty cut and dry at face value – a chunk of leather with holes and elastic, some little booklets and more elastic.  Not so fast.  The love of traveler’s notebooks is complicated when you really dig your heels in.  It isn’t because that chunk of leather is complicated, it is because of the nature of the TN – you can make it anything you want, you can tailor it to your own life, hobbies, dreams, health needs, school, work, family – literally the TN can hold your life in your hands.

Once you start grasping the full potential of the TN that is when the fun really begins.  So how do you do that…make it your own?   One way is to see how others have done it before you.  With the advent of YouTube, there are hundreds, no thousands of how-to videos regarding aspects of TN supplies and design.  That in itself is a problem because do you really want to sit down and watch a thousand videos on how to make a folder or particular booklet?  Luckily we have Jennifer Faber, who has done the hard work for you!  She has compiled all those videos from various YouTube channels for your viewing pleasure!  You can subscribe to her channel and get the best instructional videos for making your TN your own.  You can also just occasionally visit her channel if you don’t have a YouTube account and don’t want to subscribe.

Not only does her channel have instructional videos but also videos from some of the industry’s most creative artists.  If you want to make your own clear folder, refill, restring your cover, creative challenges for your planner, get ideas on an art booklet, see setups for different size TN’s, comparisons of leathers and so much more.  If you are trying to learn a new skill or see how others do something check out her channel right here.

Next week, I’ll review the many Facebook groups out there – which are a wealth of inspiration and creativity as well.

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