Review – Marsia Bramucci All-In-One Printables

I recently purchased the All-In-One Printable from Marsia Bramucci’s Etsy Shop.  Each daily page comes with sections for Web, To Do, To Go, Financials for the Day, Contacts, Shopping, Notes and Ideas, Web work, and check boxes for Instagram, FB, and two types of Blogs.  The spread also comes with the monthly calendar on ea20150308_081756ch page. I’m not a simply kind of gal20150308_081715, I like lots of details together in one place so the completeness of the spread on one page works perfectly for me.

The printable comes in three month increments.  You also get a monthly spread, a weekly spread, a meal planner with space for a Shopping List and To Do List.  I use it all.  There are little tiny pops of color on each page which I love also.  Aside from all the details and ways to keep my life organized, the printable is perfect, and by that I mean everything perfectly lines up.  I’ve bought printables before that did not line up, when the pages were trimmed they ended up uneven, e20150308_083000ither in the middle or on the edges and that drives me crazy.  Her’s are perfect.  Check out the 20150308_081525pictures.  You can also see the perfection on her Etsy shop but you know with my pictures, I’m just a regular girl, printing, trimming and stapling my insert by myself and it STILL came out perfect.

If you like a cleaner, less detailed spread, she has those too.  She has a lot of diff20150308_081730erent spreads and she has different sizes as well. If you haven’t taken the leap in to printables and want to, I really urge you to try hers out, I don’t think you will be disappointed.  Her shop is here20150308_081646 where you can check out all of her products.

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