The Reset Girl has an AMAZING Challenge

If you ‘travel’ in the planner world you know who The Reset Girl is.  If you don’t know who she is check out her YouTube channel called “The Reset Girl” or her Instagram account called @TheResetGirl or her shop…you guessed it…  She started a challenge for the month of April called #Listersgottalist and it has grown HU20150401_202333GE. Everyone2015-03-31 20.45.39 doing the challenge is having so much fun.  It is not too late to get in on it.  I’ve posted here my first two lists.  Day one was “Why I love being a Planner Girl” and day two “My Favorite Songs of All Time”.  If you want the challenge sheet and more info on it head on over to the website for it – here.  By the time the challenge is over I will have an insert that will go to my collection of writings, journals, etc that I will leave for my kids and grandkids when I am gone, helping them to know who I was just a little more..priceless information.  Thank you Cori AKA The Reset Girl for the challenge.  You are inspiration to many…..

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