Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys….

Since becoming a serious “journaler” I’ve also become a serious collector of stickers, paper, any kind of ephemera that adds to my paper expressions.  Recently on one of my Facebook groups I am a member of, an Etsy shop owner, Victoria Werth offered a free download to a couple members who would show her work after downloading the journal cards.  I think it is important to promote each other and encourage each other in our passions so I requested a download.  Much to my happy surprise she had a set of digital journal cards with one of my favorite phrases on it!  The set I requested was the circus theme – pictured below, in two colors of card stock and with one card in my TN.  Her shop, Victoria Plans, has Disney, wedding, spring, ‘no spend‘, different holidays, Harry Potter journal cards and a weekly insert.  Victoria can also be followed on Instagram at @victoriaplans.

My fondness for digital downloads really boils down to being able to take papers, images, etc and use them over and over again.  While it’s always fun to go in to the craft store and buy paper, when I find ones I love in a digital format at a great price, I will use them over and over in a variety of ways.  I am compiling a list of my favorite ‘paid’ digital download sites.  Keep watching for it….20150504_184331 20150504_184338 20150504_191547 20150504_191554 20150504_191601 20150504_191609 20150504_191618

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