Giveaway Update….

imagesMy excitement is building!!!  Jetpens (who I LOVE) has so graciously agreed to donate to the giveaway.  No idea what they are sending but whatever it is, it will be good right?  If you aren’t following my blog you must follow in order to be eligible for the drawing.  It’s that easy!  Pictures to follow very soon of the goods for the giveaway.  Giveaway goods include a regular size fabric dori and a big haul from Daiso as well!

This, That, and the Other Thing….

20150326_074305This:  The upcoming giveaway is shaping up.  I can give you a couple hints about it.  First there will be a great regular size fabric dori from Bliss Bag Boutique included, there will also be a great stash of goodies from Daiso plus other fun planner supplies.  Keep checking back as more is revealed.  I want this to be a big giveaway so I’m still compiling parts.

That:  I am putting together an insert trade group.  Here is the premise of the Round Robin Insert Group: everyone starts with their own blank insert. You decide on a theme for your insert, decorate the front and the first page(s). We will have groups of 12 – depending on the interest. (I already have two groups of twelve) Once you are done decorating your first page(s) you send your insert to the next person on your list. They will decorate a page based on YOUR theme.

Each person has up to a month to decorate your page. They will then send your insert to the next person on the list and so on. The club will take a year to complete. You are responsible for paying postage to send the insert to the next person. You must be committed to do this in a timely fashion – I think a month is plenty of time. I will coordinate addresses, put everyone in groups and disseminate the lists once we have the groups set up. You will end up with a start of a really great, individual art journal insert…and lots of ideas for your own! You will only receive one insert a month since there will only be 12 people in your group. I will close sign up on June 10 and start putting together the groups. If you know someone that might be interested let them know about it.  You must have a Facebook account to join the group.  Interested?  Send me a message via my contact on the blog and I’ll add you to the group.

The Other Thing:  Reboot of a Past All-time Popular Post right here

A Huge Giveaway Thank You to all My Followers and Supporters!

I’ve reached a big milestone for my little blog – over two hundred followers.  For a gal in the little happy-smiling-sun-summer-background-happiness-pixmac-clipart-46615343town of Everett, Washington, just plunking away at the keyboard it is a really big deal to me.  I love my blog and appreciate every single one of you who read it.  To thank everyone I am putting together a super fun giveaway to one random follower.  I won’t give away the details just yet but I know you will all like it.  All you have to do to be eligible is follow my blog…nothing else, if you are receiving this email post you are already in!  That was easy wasn’t it?  Why make it complicated?  Life is so complicated right now let’s just keep things simple.  There will be more info to follow…keep your eyes open for it, and thanks again to everyone!

Winner of Our Cover Giveaway is………………..

Susan Todd!!!!  Susan, thank you for following my blog and Instagram.  I hope that you enjoy the cover.  Please send me a message via the ‘Contact Me’ on my blog with your address.  It will be out in the mail to you this week!  Keep checking back everyone for information on the next giveaway….coming SOON!

The Next Giveaway is coming soon!!!!

il_570xN.507510177_81ouil_570xN.522315125_rlpiYep, our next giveaway is only a week away.  I told you it would be a very unusual Traveler Notebook cover…one that no shrinking violet wants to carry.  I previously showed you ONE side of it…the pattern but I didn’t tell you that the cover will be reversible.  The other side of the cover will be sea foam aqua with a little pearlized sheen to it.  All you will need to do to reverse it is take the strands and elastics off and restring them.  Additionally at both ends of the strand there will be a small vintage bone button to accent where the strands attach.  It will be a real beauty.  The cover will be double elastic with a charm attached to one of the elastics.  All you need to do to enter the giveaway is follow my blog AND my Instagram – yes it is that easy.  I hope you all are as excited for this giveaway as I am!!!

A Hint for the Next Giveaway….

This is the leather for the cover I am giving away.  Now for those of you who prefer your covers very stiff, this probably isn’t il_570xN.507510177_81ousomething you will like as the leather is supple and soft – still it is 1.8mm thick so it isn’t glove leather…I told you it wouldn’t be for the faint of heart…. 🙂  The cover will be a regular size, quad strand, double strap…..

Our Next Giveaway!

I am very excited about our next giveaway.  We are getting close to another folllower milestone and I am close to a milestone in my career.  The blog is growing by leaps and bounds and I am getting read to launch a class on Self-Care that I have been developing for quite a while.  In honor of those two things the giveaway has to be good!  Up for grabs for one lucky follower is 20150206_120841a faux-dori, regular with extra room, four strands, double strap, in genuine leather.  This isn’t just any faux-dori, this one isn’t for the faint of heart because the leather has a beautiful pattern on it that will bring attention to it….I’m not going to say more – yet….how do you get in on the drawing?  Simply be a follower of my blog AND my Instagram – yep that easy!  Links to my Instagram on the right.  Thank you to all of my followers for being a part of my blog.  The deadline for entry is April 20th.  The Dori shown is not the prize, it just illustrates a typical regular faux-dori with extra room.

Giveaway Winner!!!!!

Congratulations Carolynn Hunter on winning my second giveaway.  Thank you Carolynn for following on my blog and Instagram.  I hope they are adding to your journaling/planning love!  Your prize will be in the mail tomorrow.  Please send me a message through my contact form on here with your address.  For everyone who didn’t win I am planning another giveaway, details which will be announced next weekend. Thank you to everyone who has made this blog the most amazing experience.

Countdown To Next Giveaway

18312We are on the countdown to Sunday morning’s (that is the the 29th) giveaway of a Nomadic Flap Type Pencil Case (picture from JetPens as well as the pencil case) giveaway.  It will be crammed with items for your portable planner needs.  All you need to do to be eligible to win is follow my blog and my Instagram account…that’s it!!!!  By following my blog you will get notification of AMAZING, FANTASTIC posts on using your Traveler’s Notebook to add joy, happiness, peace, focus, and fun to your life….for free – that is a great deal…don’t you think?  If you know of someone who might like to be entered please share this post with them…

Coming: My 100th Follower Celebration Giveaway

My 100th Follower Celebration Giveaway is coming on Sunday, March 28.  It isn’t a new car or a trip to the Bahamas or a new TN Cover (dang I know….) but it is a Nomadic Flap Type Pencil Bag18312 from JetPens crammed with goodies for your portable planner needs.  There are no complicated hoops to jump through to be eligible to be that random winner.  Just follow my blog and my Instagram account and POOF, you are entered!

Quite a few people have messaged me and said they don’t ‘do’ Instagram.  I didn’t either, until I started my blog.  I’m really glad I started because I get more good ideas for my planner on Instagram than almost anywhere else AND I often learn on Instagram first about sales, discounts and new products of my favorite shops.  Think about it…not just to be entered to win but just for the fun of Instagram.  (Pencil case picture from JetPens.)

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