Thank you. Using your Traveler’s Notebook for Gratitude

I have firmly believed for many years that gratitude is the pathway to happiness, joy and living life to itfullest.  I practice gratitude multiple times a day….not just in the evening when my day is ending.  I have a 23 year old BMW and every time I get in it, I thank it for every mile it takes me.  I thank my feet as I walk anywhere.  I appreciate my eyes, as bad as they are getting, that I have sight.  I appreciate the view of the mountains from my office window.  I really appreciate when I can go through three green lights in heavy traffic.  I appreciate my children when any of them take time from their busy schedules to call me, text me, email me or come see me…because they are thinking of me.  I could go on and on and on about how much I have in gratitude-clipart-tree_of_love_with_heart_shaped_leaves_0071-0906-1321-2835_SMUlife to be thankful for…none of it having to do with monetary riches or amassing possessions but of the simple stuff that our lives are built on.

Life moves pretty fast these days.  Everyone is in a huge hurry to get somewhere, get something done, eat fast, talk fast, communicate faster…5G phones anyone?  In the race to amass and succeed, slow down, slow down and think about the stuff that your life is made of.  Start trying to make mental notes throughout your day of things, moments, people that you are grateful for and say a silent thank you.  At the end of your day, pick up your Traveler’s Notebook and write down in it, three things you are grateful for that happened during your day.  They do not need to be spectacular at all.  Yesterday my three things were an email with my son, dinner with my sister, and the good laugh I had yesterday at work with my co-worker.  I can promise you, the more you find to be grateful for in your life, the more joyful, amazing and richer your life will become.

Now is the Point of Power, are You Here?

How often have you gotten in your car and left for work or left for home from work and suddenly you are there? You know you arrived at your destination safely but don’t remember the actual drive, sipping your coffee, listening to the radio or the traffic you encountered. This phenomena is common in this day and age. So often we go through life not present. We may be ‘listening’ to someone talking to us but not ‘hear’ what they are saying. We go out on a date but are thinking of other things or people. If-not-now-when-saying-pictures

True gratitude and joy in life requires that we be present for all of it – even the boring drive to work. When you pay attention (what we always told our children to do) you squeeze so much more out of life and don’t waste any of those precious moments.

Being present takes practice especially if you habitually have not been. When you find your mind wandering, bring yourself back to the moment. Pay attention to your breathing, how your body feels, the sights, sounds and smells around you and remember, this is the stuff that life is made of. The very moment you are in is the point of power and all you have. This moment you are in is where ALL of your life is happening.  It isn’t the future, or the past it is right now.  If we are lucky we get millions of moments to live. You are not guaranteed that next moment so enjoy and fully live in the moment you are in. You will find yourself being so much more grateful for the little things in life, for the magic moments we all commonly miss and your life will feel fuller, richer and infinitely more satisfying.

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