Hacked my old Franklin Covey and turned it in to a TN – FCTN

Sitting in the back seat of my car for months was my old Franklin Covey planner.  It was a personal size that I purchased many years ago.  It was still in immaculate shape with yummy black soft leather, lots of pockets, two pen loops, a back zipper pocket……………..and rings.  I’m not a ring girl anymore, absolutely addicted to the TN model.

I happened to be looking at my Instagram feed the other day and @3littlesmiles showed a picture of her ringed planner she hacked and turned in to a TN.  It was a eureka moment and I thought I could do it with the old FC.  I ran down to my car and got it out.  I had forgotten that the ring assembly on this particular planner slid out, no need to remove the rivets or screws.

Then I took my super sharp pair of little scissors and after figuring out where I wanted holes for the strands I poked four holes at the top and four at the bottom, then a hole at either end two inches from the edge (for elastics).  It took a little experimenting to strand four holes.  I did it that way to have more room to put inserts in since the planner is about 13″ width open.  I’m glad I did that, I’m using almost all the strands with the exception of the knot strand.  Below are pictures of the finished product full.  I took blank inserts and blank books I had and made them fit in the planner and took some clear sleeves I had from a half size ring binder I had and converted them into clear pockets for stickers etc.  If you are thinking about hacking your ringed planner and the rings are riveted in, check out this video which will show you how to remove them if they aren’t set with screws

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When You want to easily move Pages around in your TN

I am always looking for easier, quicker, more efficient ways to do things.  I wanted a way to occasionally move a running list around in my TN.  In my previous post I talked about this hack briefly but I thought I would take a minute and expand on it. I’ve taken the large 6 x 8 post it pads and trimmed them to the size of my TN.  (See picture of untrimmed red pad and trimmed blue pad).  For example I have lists for an upcoming training I am doing (pictured) and I will be referring to these lists a lot in the next few weeks.  These lists are from a spreadsheet and I’ve printed them and cut them down and glued them on to the post its.  As training gets closer I’ll move them to my calendar pages.  For now they are living in my work insert.  I made 20150512_111038sure to buy the super sticky notes so I know they will stay (which they do).  Just another way to my my TN more user friendly.  20150512_110848 20150512_110858

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