Are They going to add the Word Syndrome after Your Name?

Excess stress, burnout, overworking, suffering for others at work is NOT heroic, it is self-destructive.431932_10204819889327926_2113176835625440694_n

Martyring yourself can be tied in to that feeling that you never do enough, give enough, try enough or are enough so you must do more.

You may be trying to save your corner of the world, take responsibility for others failings, feel no one can do ‘it’ as well as you.  Your self-worth is tied to your accomplishments, few people know who you really are or what you really want.

Few, if any, ever know when you are truly hurt or profoundly upset.  Do not re-create your own personal tragedy every day.  Do not see this self-martyring as a badge of honor but as abusive and damaging.  You do not want a syndrome named after you.  Once you let go of this drive to over-do, you will accomplish much more meaningful things in your life.

Spend some time writing in your TN about whether you are wearing your stress, etc. as a badge of honor, or your self esteem is tied in to over-doing it to give meaning to your life.  Contemplate what the drive is behind over-doing it and if, everything that you are doing is truly feeding your heart and soul.  Start keeping things on your to-do list that are purpose, heart driven and give you soul satisfaction instead.

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