84 More Resources…blogs, pinterest, stickers, supplies plus 5

431932_10204819889327926_2113176835625440694_nI’ve compiled a new list of resources for you all….I’m all about connecting everyone with just what they need…or want…or don’t know they want but discover they do :-D….it’s ok if you call me an enabler…

We will start with blogs about planning…top of the list of course is Morgan Le Faes Trinkets and here are a few more: Burgess Taylor, JenniferLynnFaber – brand new, exciting things coming here,   Baum KuchenPen Paper Ink Letter, My Life All in One Place, Pen Addict, Zencraft, A Bowl full of Lemons, Goulet Pens, The Well Appointed Desk, Hollis Finds, KenRen Stationary, Amy Tangerine, Seaweed Kisses, and JetPens.

I find endless inspiration with Pinterest boards (and often new products I haven’t heard of…) here are some stand-out boards I like: Waters March, MCD4JC, Crasmussen7, MoniqueVMB, Gtote.  There are hundreds more…just do a search.

On to pens and pencils (I’m so addicted).  I have to put JetPens first…it will always make every list I create because it is the ultimate supplier to me.  Here are some more that you may not have seen…. The Online Pen Company, Moleskine – especially if you like square pens and pencils…lol, Cult Pens – shipping is spendy if you are not in Britain or Europe but they have things I can’t find anywhere else…., Poppin – not really name brands, but everything is based on color coordinating…cute, lots of office supplies also…also color coordinated, Pencils – this is a Japanese store, I haven’t bought anything from them, however, I have always loved the Japanese aesthetic when it comes to office supplies.  If I see something on there I like, I can often search for it on Amazon and find a seller to get it from. Andreys Pencils – some great finds, Dollar General – I put them on here because if you are trying to get your kids interested in writing or journaling you could set them up in front of this site and let them pick their own supplies for cheap…to get them started…. Pendemonium, Dalys Pen Shop, Von Graf – this has been called by many, the perfect pencil, I have lusted over this pencil set for 25 years…someday….someday I’ll own it.

Stickers are something every planner fan needs…yes – needs….lol.  Here we go:  yep this is just a general search on ebay for planner stickers (no, I’m not getting lazy in my resources but there are great finds on here), Mochithings, Redbubble, ACherryonTop, MissWenduhh, and StickersGalore.

Paper is everywhere…easy to find, but here are some good suppliers I like..ACherryonTop – made the list twice…, AllScrapbookingSteals, BluemoonScrapbooking – I love this store, Createforless – good buys…for less…

Next some resources for general office supplies…. Fallindesign, Modcloth, Squareknott, Thinkgeek, Gadgetsandgear, SeeJaneWork – I’ve been a huge fan for years, WorldMarket, AtaGlance – they must have a new design team…some very trendy, cute products these days and great prices, Twohandspaperie.

Planner supplies abound, I’ve previously listed many.  This is always my favorite part of a resource list…I’ve tried to curate some new shop finds, hopefully you’ll like some of these:  TheJournalShop, MyMaido, Pikwachan – LOVE, ShiningStarBoutique, ArasPaperCreations, Shabbychickcrafts, TheHouseofFourShop, MailboxHappiness, Bypaperflower, Italiacraft – If you are an Erin Condren fan, they have the Cadillac of covers for it….17 internal pockets, shop located in Italy, shipping is a little steep, Plannercrush, Jessescraftroom, Stickewicketdesigns, Blissbagboutique – nice planner pouches and developing quite a brand, Pocketfulofsparkles, Peoniespaperie – I love the baby heart clips, SunshineNellie – she makes cute journaling band bags for supplies – unique, AlexiaClaire, Sweetmilkshoppe, SuckUK – CUTE tiny sticky notes, HandWorkDIY, AtelierDays, WigglyPickle, LaurieClaire, KandeezKupcakez, PoeticSoupDesigns, AllenTape, MakeAJournal, Glitteryjem, Paperpluscloth,  ZigZakka, CuteTape, ParksidePaper – some cute stickies…  This product will turn any piece of paper in to a sticky note…I always have a tube with me.

These resources really have nothing to do with planners but…I just had to share.  Unique candy from PapaBubble – ALL handmade and delicious.  If you want a candy that people will talk about and want, this is is.  Delicious and adorable. Want signs you love what you do?  Read this article.  SteamCream has reached cult status…seriously good stuff for your skin. Magicpug has these adorable magic potion printable labels for Halloween (I know, totally random…lol),  This adorable and inspirational paperweight.

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