This, That, and the Other Thing….

20150326_074305This:  The upcoming giveaway is shaping up.  I can give you a couple hints about it.  First there will be a great regular size fabric dori from Bliss Bag Boutique included, there will also be a great stash of goodies from Daiso plus other fun planner supplies.  Keep checking back as more is revealed.  I want this to be a big giveaway so I’m still compiling parts.

That:  I am putting together an insert trade group.  Here is the premise of the Round Robin Insert Group: everyone starts with their own blank insert. You decide on a theme for your insert, decorate the front and the first page(s). We will have groups of 12 – depending on the interest. (I already have two groups of twelve) Once you are done decorating your first page(s) you send your insert to the next person on your list. They will decorate a page based on YOUR theme.

Each person has up to a month to decorate your page. They will then send your insert to the next person on the list and so on. The club will take a year to complete. You are responsible for paying postage to send the insert to the next person. You must be committed to do this in a timely fashion – I think a month is plenty of time. I will coordinate addresses, put everyone in groups and disseminate the lists once we have the groups set up. You will end up with a start of a really great, individual art journal insert…and lots of ideas for your own! You will only receive one insert a month since there will only be 12 people in your group. I will close sign up on June 10 and start putting together the groups. If you know someone that might be interested let them know about it.  You must have a Facebook account to join the group.  Interested?  Send me a message via my contact on the blog and I’ll add you to the group.

The Other Thing:  Reboot of a Past All-time Popular Post right here

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