Top 10 Part 1: My Top 10 Washi Sampler Shops on Etsy

This is the first in a long list of ‘top ten’ of everything Traveler Notebook….In the world of Traveler’s 20150214_122233Notebooks there are two kinds of people, those who like simplicity and minimalism and those who like color, busy, lots of details….and may cram ten inserts in to a cover with two elastics….you know the type…I’m the second type and one thing I LOVE is washi tape.  Washi tape is essentially rice paper with adhesive on the back and the tape is repositionable which I like.  It is an easy, fun way to add color and detail to insert pages, covers, etc.

40,768, that is the number of hits if you search washi tape on Etsy…my go-to place for it.  I decided to search for my pick of top ten shops that sell washi samplers (and other things)…more on that in a minute.  It is problematic to carry around washi tape in spools or rolls.  I have two cardboard pieces with my favorite washi’s rolled on them and I keep them in my bag.  I think most people who like to have portable supplies go this route.  Washi can be expensive when you start adding it up, so a really convenient way to accumulate different tapes is to purchase samplers.  I searched the Etsy shops.  The shops that made the list have nice variations of samplers, and shipping charges aren’t how they are trying to make their money (you know what I mean).  There are lots and lots of shops that sell washi, I barely scratched the surface and I know this.  If you have a favorite please list it in the comments..share your favorite with everyone else!  There are also three honorable ok I guess this is top 13, but 13 is my lucky number.  🙂

  1. MechaKucha808 – lots of tapes, lots of happy customers and having a sale right now
  2. Shekphoebe – LOTS of washi, nice samplers but not in their own category…and lots of other nice goodies
  3. Letswashi – nice samplers here
  4. Washiwoman – little shop but really nice samplers of washi
  5. Hellowashi – nice samplers here too
  6. ThePaperCage – cute samplers, inexpensive too
  7. TheECPlannerKitLady – really nice samplers…and other goodies
  8. PlannerKate1 – her samplers are beautifully laid out in her shop
  9. Pikwahchan – Over 600 different  washi , some I’ve never seen anywhere else, every purchase gets a gift…not the least expensive shipping but worth it I think….
  10. TheLovelyDesk – some very unique tapes, again some I’ve never seen….


PrettyandColourful – small shop from the Czech Republic, shipping is good and her shop is exactly the title..eye candy and beautiful!

Kellectables21 – tiny new shop on Etsy, very responsive vendor, give her some love ladies..and gents….

HazelGraybySJ – I really like how she packages her samplers…she definitely has a brand signature

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