Countdown To Next Giveaway

18312We are on the countdown to Sunday morning’s (that is the the 29th) giveaway of a Nomadic Flap Type Pencil Case (picture from JetPens as well as the pencil case) giveaway.  It will be crammed with items for your portable planner needs.  All you need to do to be eligible to win is follow my blog and my Instagram account…that’s it!!!!  By following my blog you will get notification of AMAZING, FANTASTIC posts on using your Traveler’s Notebook to add joy, happiness, peace, focus, and fun to your life….for free – that is a great deal…don’t you think?  If you know of someone who might like to be entered please share this post with them…

Want to Put Traveler’s Notebook Inserts together Easier?

I just bought one of these….I can hardly wait to get it.  It’s called Align and it is a stapler with a magnetic detachable base so_MG_2756-3a you can staple anything!  Shipping is dirt cheap.  I don’t want to sew inserts together and stapling can be a pain, what a perfect solution.  You can find it here.

Send me a Message if You are a Vendor or Shop on Instagram…..

I am on my Instagram account several times a day and see such a huge benefit to it for vendors and craftspeople who areunnamed trying to promote their work. If you are a vendor or have a shop and would like your Instagram account listed on a post I am putting together about top 100 Instagram accounts for planner/office supply/midori lovers/addicts please send me a contact me with your info about your shop and your Instagram account name.  I would love to include your shop and promote it for you!  If you know of someone who doesn’t read my blog but has a shop they would like included let them know and ask if they would like to be included in the list.

Coming: My 100th Follower Celebration Giveaway

My 100th Follower Celebration Giveaway is coming on Sunday, March 28.  It isn’t a new car or a trip to the Bahamas or a new TN Cover (dang I know….) but it is a Nomadic Flap Type Pencil Bag18312 from JetPens crammed with goodies for your portable planner needs.  There are no complicated hoops to jump through to be eligible to be that random winner.  Just follow my blog and my Instagram account and POOF, you are entered!

Quite a few people have messaged me and said they don’t ‘do’ Instagram.  I didn’t either, until I started my blog.  I’m really glad I started because I get more good ideas for my planner on Instagram than almost anywhere else AND I often learn on Instagram first about sales, discounts and new products of my favorite shops.  Think about it…not just to be entered to win but just for the fun of Instagram.  (Pencil case picture from JetPens.)

Portable Planner Tools I use Most

I carry a bag every day and keep pens, pencils, washi, stickers, paper and tools that I use most.  I have my favorite tools and I thought I would share them with you all.  First is a mini hole punch, mine is old and green and beat up but w20150321_131329orks great.  You can find one here.  Next would be standard issue whiteout tape.  My favorite is Oops! sold at Staples.  It never goes off track or bunches up.  I love the Tombow glue pen.  This glue pen looks like a a regular pen, same size and will glue the tiniest spot. These are actually hard to find in stores.  JetPens carries one here.  Once you use one, you won’t want to be without it.  I always need a pair of scissors in my bag and for me the perfect ones are Sun-Star Stickyle Pen-Style Scissors.  Mine are pink but they come in six different colors here.  I also like having an X-acto knife but wanted something small and easy to carry so I keep this retractable blade in my bag as well.  Mine is black and the size of a pen.  I always keep a Sharpie brand pen in my bag for writing on Washi or other surfaces of stickers etc that I can’t use other pens on.  I like my stainless steel one because it is refillable.  I’ve had it over a year and haven’t refilled it yet.  I also keep an Avery Glue Pen in my bag.  It has a broad end for larger gluing jobs and sticks much better than traditional glue sticks.  I have used Scotch brand double-stick tape for years.  I always keep a roll in my bag as well.  For all my erasing needs I keep an Ain ‘dust gathering’ eraser in my bag.  It leaves larger eraser bits and is easier to clean up.  It also erases cleanly.  I typically use Blackwing Pearl wooden pencils and so keep a pencil sharpener in my bag.  My sharpener of choice is the famous Ratchetta.  Found at JetPens mine is pink.  It sharpens two ways and doesn’t break the lead when sharpening….best pencil sharpener I think.  I keep a Midori Multi Ruler in my bag.  I probably use this at least three or four times a week.  It is sturdy, cute, and comes in three colors.  It measures in cm, which is nice because most things Traveler Notebook seem to be in cm.  Last but not least is my container of clips, paper clips, circle clips, classic clips, Midori clips….so there you have it.  Nothing fancy but at any time, I can reach in my bag and have, at my finger tips, just about any tool I need for my TN.

Jet Pens Nomadic WT-18 Wise Walker Toto Bag and my current everyday bag…

I am an unapologetic bag addict and this is one I lust after.  The Nomadic WT-18 has lots of pockets for all your planner 38406goodies you need to take with you on the road.  It has a cool light blue interior and it is an excellent size, just right at appx 13 x 11 x 4.  You can access supplies without going in to the actual main compartment which is nice.  It has a cross shoulder strap and handles as well.  The bag comes in gray, black and tan.  At $80 it isn’t cheap but the quality and workmanship ensures you are going to get the most bang for your buck!  You can find it right here.

My current every day bag is a vintage bag from Etsy.  It was in perfect shape when I purchased it.  It just so happened to be the same width as my TN’s and has worked out perfectly for carrying all of my supplies as well.  20150320_11195320150320_112453

This, that and the other thing….

20150318_130804So my cute planner swag today is stickers from – she has an Etsy shop…an adorable note book for my passport size cover from, I LOVE their art, bags, cards, notebooks….I want it all

In my free downloads you can find some printable quote cards that I have used in workshops…if you like quotes, which I seem to collect, you may find some you like.  They are right here.  I don’t recommend trying to print them on business card stock, after saving them as a PDF the formatting probably shifted…..

Collecting items for my next giveaway.  If you want to be entered just follow my blog and my instagram – that’s IT!  How easy is that?  One lovely random sweet person will be picked March 29 as winner!!!

Top 10 Part 1: My Top 10 Washi Sampler Shops on Etsy

This is the first in a long list of ‘top ten’ of everything Traveler Notebook….In the world of Traveler’s 20150214_122233Notebooks there are two kinds of people, those who like simplicity and minimalism and those who like color, busy, lots of details….and may cram ten inserts in to a cover with two elastics….you know the type…I’m the second type and one thing I LOVE is washi tape.  Washi tape is essentially rice paper with adhesive on the back and the tape is repositionable which I like.  It is an easy, fun way to add color and detail to insert pages, covers, etc.

40,768, that is the number of hits if you search washi tape on Etsy…my go-to place for it.  I decided to search for my pick of top ten shops that sell washi samplers (and other things)…more on that in a minute.  It is problematic to carry around washi tape in spools or rolls.  I have two cardboard pieces with my favorite washi’s rolled on them and I keep them in my bag.  I think most people who like to have portable supplies go this route.  Washi can be expensive when you start adding it up, so a really convenient way to accumulate different tapes is to purchase samplers.  I searched the Etsy shops.  The shops that made the list have nice variations of samplers, and shipping charges aren’t how they are trying to make their money (you know what I mean).  There are lots and lots of shops that sell washi, I barely scratched the surface and I know this.  If you have a favorite please list it in the comments..share your favorite with everyone else!  There are also three honorable ok I guess this is top 13, but 13 is my lucky number.  🙂

  1. MechaKucha808 – lots of tapes, lots of happy customers and having a sale right now
  2. Shekphoebe – LOTS of washi, nice samplers but not in their own category…and lots of other nice goodies
  3. Letswashi – nice samplers here
  4. Washiwoman – little shop but really nice samplers of washi
  5. Hellowashi – nice samplers here too
  6. ThePaperCage – cute samplers, inexpensive too
  7. TheECPlannerKitLady – really nice samplers…and other goodies
  8. PlannerKate1 – her samplers are beautifully laid out in her shop
  9. Pikwahchan – Over 600 different  washi , some I’ve never seen anywhere else, every purchase gets a gift…not the least expensive shipping but worth it I think….
  10. TheLovelyDesk – some very unique tapes, again some I’ve never seen….


PrettyandColourful – small shop from the Czech Republic, shipping is good and her shop is exactly the title..eye candy and beautiful!

Kellectables21 – tiny new shop on Etsy, very responsive vendor, give her some love ladies..and gents….

HazelGraybySJ – I really like how she packages her samplers…she definitely has a brand signature

Big Giveaway!!!

My little blog has reached 100 followers and so we are having our next giveaway.  Because I’m a baby blog jus18312t starting out I can’t give away Instagram Cameras and TN Covers…but one day….I just love giving stuff away.  This giveaway will consist of this Nomadic Flap Type Pencil Case in Red, crammed with pens, pencils, stickers, washi, and other assorted surprises for all your portable TN needs.  How do you enter?  You need to be following my blog and my Instagram both and you will be automatically entered…that’s it!  The drawing of one random follower will be Sunday, March 29.  I’m looking forward to giving it all away!  Thank you for following my blog and sharing my passion for TN’s.  (Photo is from JetPens where I purchased the pencil case)

Are You New to the World of the Traveler Notebook? Some Basic Information…

The original Traveler Notebook has been around since the early 1950’s.  Called the Midori Traveler’s Notebook, it is an import from Japan and actually made in Thailand.  Fans of the traveler notebook style call anything not the Midori a 20150308_081525“Fauxdori.” There are a lot of Faux’s out there and many have rightly earned their own names and own fan following because of the high quality of workmanship that goes in to each one.  Almost all of the Faux’s are made by hand, one at a time, and often customized by the creators.  I don’t actually know of ANY genuine leather Faux’s that are not made by hand, hence the cost of the cover which, depending on size, can run anywhere between $30 and $100 and higher depending on how much customization you want to your cover.

What sets ‘Dori’s apart from other types of planners such as Filofax, Erin Condren, Cocoa Daisy, etc is that the ‘Dori is very versatile in how you choose to use it and set it up.  There are literally no limitations when it comes to how to use it.  The basic principle behind the ‘Dori is this:  it comes with elastic bands down the spine that hold your inserts inside.  The inserts can be changed, moved around, and you can make your own inserts.  Midori original fans call them refills….

The number of elastic bands down the spine vary with style and customization.  The number of bands does not limit the number of inserts you have in your Dori as there are ways to hold more inserts…see TheResetGirl on YouTube for more on this.

There is a whole world of artists making inserts, dashboards, folders, pockets, stickies, clips, and more so that you can make your ‘Dori exactly the way you want it for your exact needs.  Many ‘Dori fans have more than one, I myself have three and use all of them.  Which brings me to size.  The original Midori is considered the ‘regular’ size that other ‘Dori’s are compared to.  There are also larger ‘Dori’s and smaller ‘Dori’s, clear down to the cover that is the size of a standard passport.  Many ‘Dori fans use this size for a wallet.  You can look here for exact measurements of the cover and the inserts for all the different sizes.  This chart is from MorganLeFaesTrinkets blog, which also gives new users a host of information on setting up notebooks.

I would go so far as to say that ‘Dori’s have a cult following and people who use them are extremely passionate about them and protective of the artists who create them.  There are a multitude of blogs, Facebook groups, Instagram Profiles all centered around the ‘Dori.  I have a lot of links on my blogroll on the right side of my blog that will link you to cover artists, supplies, and blogs.  If you have questions feel free to post them.  If you are a longtime fan, please share this post with those who are contemplating their first ‘Dori.

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